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About Annagail

Anna and Gail are two very important women in my life that paved a path for me as a young girl. Both extremely hard working women. Anna, my Oma. She was my fathers mom, she lived through the second World War in Holland (born in Breda) where she saw and experienced so much loss. She had an amazing spirit, she was patient, she was determined and it was her who I owe a lot of my work ethics to. Gail was the older sister on my moms side of the family, she radiated pure beauty, inside and out. We lost her too soon due to mental health. She fought hard, and was a great aunt to my sisters and I. Bringing these two names together was a way for me to bring out the strength in my background. Being a Dutch, German, Polish and East Indian Canadian. I drew inspiration through my European and Indian decent. This brand represents the strong and powerful women inside of me while drawing the beauty of my roots into this brand. Looking back on my journey, Annagail has been a thought in the back of my mind since I was a child.

Each piece in our collection was named after the women in my life that have loved, supported and pushed me to get to this point in my life. They are my inspiration. It is them that this collection is dedicated to.